What is J for?

Jumping around all over the place, looking for inspiration.

Judgement? No, that sounds a bit serious and negative.

Joker? Better, and never better than when played by the brilliant Heath Ledger. Such a shame he died so young.

Jesus? Better leave that one alone.

Jimi Hendrix? Maybe we’ll finish with a track from him. Or perhaps J J Cale …

Joint? Save that for later too.

Jaguar? Yes, that’s a subject I like. But I doubt many of you would be interested, so I’ll post a pic and move on.

The classic XJ12 S1. The first Jag I owned back in ’79, and the last in 2011.

But before I do, I’ll throw in a little trivia.

Jaguar was founded by Sir William Lyons in 1921 as Swallow Sidecars. In 1931, they began selling the SS1, and in 1933 the company name was changed to SS Cars Ltd. The first “Jaguar” model was offered in 1935, and after WW2 Lyons changed the company name to Jaguar to avoid the unfortunate connotations with the Nazi “SS”.

Joy? Something we all need more of.

Juba? That brings back memories of dust and disease. Juba is the capital and largest city of Southern Sudan, and not a place to put on your wish list. I spent a bit of time there in the early eighties, none of it fun.

Journey? I guess that’s something we all relate to in our own way.

I feel as if I’ve been journeying my entire life, and for much of it, in a literal sense. The miles I’ve journeyed I couldn’t possible estimate, and what would be the point anyway. If I had to quantify those sojourns at all, I could only do it by using the lessons, the highs and lows. On the sea, I have spent some fifteen years sailing the watery parts of the world, and I doubt no more than a handful of those days passed without something teaching me a lesson. Even if that lesson was that I never learn my lesson. The oceans are like that. There are highs and lows aplenty when travelling on a small boat. Most of them are now fading as new experiences muscle them toward the aft lockers of my mind. Certain things will always remain, resilient enough to hold their place in my overworked conciousness.

Two ‘J’s in today’s music clip, with J J Cale’s Mamma Don’t.

What have your journeys been? What do you recall, and where have they led you?

Join me again on Monday for a look at Kindness. Until then, happy reading and blogging.

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Author: A.J.

I have written as far back as I can recall. Until 2011, that writing was just for me, or as rambling letters to friends and travelogues to the family. I never thought about why, or if others did similarly, and the thought of publishing never entered my head. Since I left England in 1979, I have been collecting experiences, people, and places. From the blood-soaked streets of Kampala, the polluted dust bowls of the Sahara, or the pristine ice floes of the Antarctic, I have gathered and filed them away. Some have recently squeezed through the bars of insecurity and are now at large in the pages of my first three novels. Others await their future fates.

2 thoughts on “Journey

  1. sweetbraveheart says:

    I am also still thinking of my topic for J. Haha. Thanks for giving me an idea here!

    Good luck!

    Kristine | | A to Z Challenge

    1. A.J. says:

      Thanks for stopping by, Kristine. You have some great pics on your post. Call in again some time.


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