Meet Me at Harry’s

Diminutive, yet tough-talking ex narco cop Stacia Black has found the key to escaping the violence and poverty ridden streets of Chicago.

Nick Miller runs a smoky bar in Sydney's Kings Cross. He's content with his life until Stacia appears and starts asking questions.

With his loyalties divided between his underworld acquaintances and his desire for something better, he steps off the edge.

Together, they enter a world of shadows and deceit, and put their lives on the line gambling on a better future.

Can they stay out of jail, stay alive, and stay together?

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10 thoughts on “Meet Me at Harry’s

  1. Latifa says:

    Wonderful, looking forward to reading the whole book!

    1. A.J. says:

      Thanks, Latifa. I’m still looking at May for publication. As a member of the launch team you’ll receive pre-launch prices specials!

  2. Rhonda says:

    Can’t wait to read the whole book! Like it so farm grabbed my attention and kept it!

    1. A.J. says:

      Thanks for the comment, Rhonda, and for joining the launch team 🙂
      The manuscript is with the editor, the cover is being designed, and we’re looking good for publication in May.
      I see from your site that you’re a sailor. All of my books include some sailing, Heather in particular.

  3. Jean Hewitt says:

    Intriguing. Will be interesting to read how the two characters fit together. Hope to read an advanced copy.

    1. A.J. says:

      Thanks for the comment, Jean.
      The manuscript will be ready for beta-readers soon. As a member of the launch team, you’ll receive an email inviting you to beta-read, with details of what that entails.
      I hope you enjoy reading Flank Street.


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