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Suspenseful thrillers with deep and interwoven plots

Below is a brief description of the books available to date. You’ll find a link to an excerpt for each book which I sincerely hope you read and enjoy. You’ll also see options to purchase, either from your favourite retailer–Amazon, Apple, Kobo– or you can buy securely direct from this site and save.

Double Infidelity: a FREE Short Story

Double Infidelity is a short story that for a limited time I’m offering for FREE as an introduction to my stories.
Click on the cover, or “buying options” and select the free option.

When a stroll on a desolate, wind-swept Northumberland beach leads to a murder charge, Polly is thrust into a battle to establish her innocence.

The question remains, whom can she trust?

Flank Street: The Sydney Quartet Book 1

Meet Me at Harry's: The Sydney Quartet Book 2

Cerise Noire: The Sydney Quartet Book 3

Shadow House: The Sydney Quartet Book 4

Being Tommy Boronovsk: Tommy Boronovski Book 1

Waterloo Bridge: Tommy Boronovski Book 2

The Sydney Dahlia: A Short Story

Thriller The Sydney Dahlia book cover

When a gangster’s wife offers Tommy a lucrative contract, he grasps it with both hands. Little does he know that the risks will end up higher than the reward. And what starts off as some easy money leads him into a life of crime with a price on his head, and wanted by the French Police for murder.
The only way out is to do one big job and then disappear over the horizon. But stealing from a master thief is tougher than expected and gets him even deeper in trouble.

Can he collaborate with two Chinese-Australian grifters and save himself, and them, or will they all end up dead?

The Sydney Quartet: Get All Four Books

thrillers set in Sydney

Get all four books of The Sydney Quartet and save

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