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Thrillers come in all sorts of styles, and is now a widely used and misused term. All books on this site are gritty, noir-style thrillers peppered with anti-heroes and unreliable narrators. If that’s your style, read on.

But if gritty, gripping thrillers is not your thing, there are plenty of:-

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Short story: Double Infidelity

In the midst of the deserted and windswept beauty of a Northumberland beach, Polly confronts murder charges. Undeterred, she embarks on a fight to prove her innocence. However, in a world where deception and lies abound, she grapples with the question: who can she really trust?

shortlisted for the prestigious Lindisfarne Prize 2023

What Does Reading Thrillers Mean to You?

Indulge in an absolutely gripping suspense novel—it’s an wonderful way to spend the day. Moreover, once you’ve finished one, a vast and captivating world of other books awaits your exploration. Imagine losing yourself in the intricate plots, unravelling mysteries, and discovering characters that come alive on the pages.
Whether you prefer classic whodunits, psychological thrillers, or heart-pounding action, the literary universe beckons with boundless possibilities. So, settle into a cosy nook, sip your favourite beverage, and let the words transport you to another world.
Each turn of the page holds anticipation, and every chapter reveals secrets waiting to be unveiled. Dive into the depths of imagination, where suspense intertwines with mystery, and lose track of time as you immerse yourself in stories that leave an indelible mark. And remember, the best part? There’s always another book waiting, ready to whisk you away on a new adventure. 

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“We do not read in order to turn great works of fiction into simplistic replicas of our own realities, we read for the pure, sensual, and unadulterated pleasure of reading.
And if we do so, our reward is the discovery of the many hidden layers within these works that do not merely reflect reality but reveal a spectrum of truths, thus intrinsically going against the grain of totalitarian mindsets.”

– Azar Nafisi

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Thrillers Set in Australia

The Sydney Quartet Box Set comprises stand-alone, full-length thrillers set in Sydney. Each book features its own main characters, however, they share common locations and some secondary characters

Micky DeWitt sails into Sydney, Australia with a beat-up yacht, street smarts, and a shady past. He lands a gig as a bartender in Kings Cross, the city’s red-light district. Micky’s a mix of master criminal and laid-back sailor, chasing the thrill of ‘getting away with it.’

Enter Carol Todd, an escort who craves risk and money in equal measure. She needs a fall guy for her latest con, and Micky fits the bill. As their wild ride unfolds—from burglary to arson and even murder—someone’s bound to get hurt… or worse.

Only time will tell who gets the best of who, and who will be the ultimate survivor.

Meet Stacia Black, a pint-sized, no-nonsense ex-narco cop who’s cracked the code for escaping Chicago’s mean streets. Then there’s Nick Miller, running a smoky joint in Sydney’s Kings Cross. Life’s cruising along until Stacia waltzes in, firing off questions like a detective with a death wish.

Nick’s caught between loyalty to his shady underworld mates and a craving for something better. He takes a leap of faith, and suddenly they’re both hurtling into a world of danger, deception, and high stakes.
So, can a dishonest American cop teach Nick to live again? Or will she get him killed?
Moreover, can they stay out of jail, stay alive, and stay together?

Find out in this tense, fast-paced thriller.

thrillers set in Sydney

Rick Stone returns to Sydney six months after his partner was murdered, attempting to piece his life back together. During his absence, two additional women were killed, seemingly unrelated to each other.
However, when a third woman is murdered in the same manner, Rick becomes entangled in the investigation and develops an obsession with uncovering a connection between the murders.
Is he the killer, or the target of a dark and twisted hatred?

Heather Todd’s mission is to take down Sydney’s crime ring after her sister’s death from dodgy cocaine. Sam, ex-MI6 turned world sailor, joins her. Together, they infiltrate the brutal gang, risking their lives. Revenge fuels their fire.
Can they gather evidence without getting caught?
Buckle up—it’s a heart-pounding thriller!

Suspense Thrillers and What readers are saying…

“Bloody bold, and brilliant.”

“One of the most distinct and exciting voices in crime fiction.”

“Well what a read…couldn’t put this book down…brilliant storyline…something at every turn…amazing characters…”

“The Sydney Quartet just kept me turning pages!”

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