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In the windswept beauty of a Northumberland beach, Polly faces murder charges and must fight to prove her innocence.

However, in a world where deception lurks at every turn, who can she trust?

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Latest Thrillers: Books 1 & 2 of the Tommy Boronovski Series

Being Tommy Boronovski

When Mike Bray is abruptly grabbed off the street on his way home one ordinary Friday night, his world is turned inside out.
Coerced by the head of a South London crime gang, he’s forced to impersonate low-level criminal Tommy Boronovski.

As Mike quickly learns how to lie and side-step to protect his family, he faces the challenge of maintaining his own ethics and morals.
The seemingly impossible path he treads blurs the borders between himself and Tommy, leaving him questioning his true identity and hostage to his own temptations.

Find out what happens in this gripping story of survival and self-discovery.

Waterloo Bridge 

Tommy, enticed by the wife of a gangster, eagerly accepts a lucrative contract. However, he soon discovers that the risks far outweigh the rewards. What begins as a simple money-making opportunity propels him into a criminal life, with a bounty on his head and the French Police pursuing him for murder

Desperate for an escape, Tommy plans a high-stakes heist to vanish into the sunset. However, stealing from a seasoned master thief proves more perilous than anticipated, plunging him into deeper jeopardy. Now, he must join forces with two Chinese-Australian grifters to survive—or risk a deadly fate for all involved

See how Tommy manages to survive in Waterloo Bridge

Australian Suspense

The Sydney Quartet comprises stand-alone, full-length novels set in Sydney. Each book features its own main characters while sharing common secondary characters and locations.

In Flank Street, Micky Dewitt and Carol Todd try to outsmart organised crime boss Johno Brookes, at the same time as trying to outsmart each other. Only time will tell who gets the best of who.

Meet Me at Harry’s sees unassuming Nick Miller cajoled into a life of crime by ex Chicago narco detective Stacia Black.

PI Rick Stone is surrounded by murder victims in Cerise Noire. Is he the killer, or the target of a dark hatred?

For Sam and Heather, the Shadow House is the only sanctuary as they carry out a daring subterfuge in a world of vice, death and deceit.

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Immerse yourself in a gripping suspense novel—a perfect way to pass the day. And when you finish one, there’s a whole world of other books waiting for your exploration.

“We do not read in order to turn great works of fiction into simplistic replicas of our own realities, we read for the pure, sensual, and unadulterated pleasure of reading.
And if we do so, our reward is the discovery of the many hidden layers within these works that do not merely reflect reality but reveal a spectrum of truths, thus intrinsically going against the grain of totalitarian mindsets.”

– Azar Nafisi

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What readers are saying…

“Bloody bold, and brilliant.”

“One of the most distinct and exciting voices in crime fiction.”

“Well what a read…couldn’t put this book down…brilliant storyline…something at every turn…amazing characters…”

“The Sydney Quartet just kept me turning pages!”

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