You won't find police procedurals, CSI, or any other well-worn trope here. What I do offer is character-driven stories of people who live on the edge of crime, and who ultimately get pulled in further than they'd intended. Most of these stories spring from a real-life event. That event forms the seed, and from there it's pure fiction. Scroll down to find out more...


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Awarded the AIA Seal of Excellence for Outstanding Fiction, and the prestigious B.R.A.G. Medallion, Flank street is an unforgettable novel from “One of the most distinct and exciting new voices in crime writing.”

A woman with a lust for money and danger…
A man with a hunger for risk and adrenaline…
Can they con the Sydney underworld and get away with murder?
Or will they both end up dumped in a dark alley?

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Something of a loner, quiet and cynical Nick Miller has been content to run a bar and stay out of trouble until Stacia appears, looking to make a deal with the head of organised crime in Kings Cross.
Torn between his loyalties to his acquaintances and his hunger for something better. He steps off the edge, straight into a world of danger and deceit, where the only thing that matters is making it out alive.

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Six months after his partner was murdered, Rick Stone returns to Sydney trying to pull his life back together.
While he was away, two more women were murdered, each seemingly unrelated to the others.
When a third woman is murdered in the same way, and Rick gets caught up in the investigation, he becomes obsessed with finding a link between the murders.

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Heather Todd’s life had never been easy, but when her sister died from overcut cocaine, everything changed. Now she’s determined to take down Sydney’s notorious organized crime ring, vowing to ensure her sister didn’t die in vain.
Ex MI6 operative turned world sailor, Sam Autenburg is on a bender after his partner died, also as a result of overcut cocaine. When one night things go desperately wrong for Sam, Heather comes to his rescue. Taunting and goading him, she convinces him to infiltrate the organized crime syndicate responsible for her sister’s, and his partner’s, deaths.
Going after the brutal gang will be no easy feat, and in order to stop them, Sam and Heather must put their own lives on the line.

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When Mike Bray is grabbed off the street on his way home on an ordinary Friday night, his world is turned inside out.
Coerced by the head of a South London crime gang to impersonate low-level criminal Tommy Boronovski, Mike quickly learns how to lie and side-step in order to keep his family safe.
But when the borders between himself and Tommy become blurred, it leaves him questioning his true identity, and hostage to his own temptations.

When the wife of a gangster offers Tommy a lucrative contract, he grasps it with both hands. Little does he know that the risks will end up higher than the reward. And what starts off as some easy money leads him into a life of crime with a price on his head, and wanted by the French Police for murder.
The only way out is to do one big job and then disappear over the horizon. But stealing from a master thief is tougher than expected and gets him deeper in trouble.

The Sydney Dahlia -- FREE Short Story 

When aging journalist Sam Autenburg is approached by a young woman claiming to have an exclusive story, he suspects she's just another in a long line of cranks, except this one is connected to the underworld. When she's murdered, he fears that he'll be next.
Sam must walk away or find a way to expose her story without being the next murder victim.
Find out what he does in this thrilling, suspenseful short story.

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